Register your crew early!

The more time you have to practice the better your crew will do! If you have any questions about registration reach out to via Twitter or Discord.



The Race of Legends is meant to be the most challenging competition on the seas. Run the course multiple times the week of the race and be sure each crew member knows their responsibilities during the race.


Join the discord!

In order to keep the races organized we need at least one of your crew members in the Dread Discord so that we can communicate with your crew before during and after the races. Also, Dread Pirate Doug will be doing pre-race interviews with your crew in your assigned discord channel and these are lot more fun when the entire crew is there to participate!

Get to know your Legendary First Mate!

The week of your race you’ll be assigned a Legendary First Mate to guide you through the race day experience. They know a LOT about how to compete effectively in the Race of Legends. Your Legendary First Mate can answer any questions you have about the rules or the course. If you ask nicely, they might even be willing to share some helpful advice!