What is the Race of Legends?

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The Race of Legends is a cooperative obstacle course set on the Sea of Thieves. The live stream is a uniquely produced multi-cam experience that puts viewers right in the middle of the action.

Our first race was in December, 2018. You can read about us in Eurogamer here. We were also featured in the Pirate Times. This article looks at some of the strategy and history behind the Race of Legends.

The Race of Legends is a celebration of everything that makes the Sea of Thieves community great. Our crews are highly competitive but these elite pirates are gracious in defeat and in victory. The Race of Legends community is proudly diverse and includes skilled pirates from all over the world.

The Race of Legends is intense, the stakes are always high, and no one knows what is going to happen next. Ever seen two galleons go through Thieves Haven at the same time in opposite directions without ramming each other? Desperate battles have been fought around the beacon with everything on the line. Crews have been wiped by a single cursed cannonball, storms have forced crews to adjust their strategies on the fly, and every week the Race of Legends get a little more competitive as crews push each other to do things no one thought was possible.

Crews that compete in the Race of Legends aren’t just skilled with a cutlass or a pistol. They are experts at teamwork, communication and strategy. In a year only two crews have become Race of Legends Grand Champions. The road to this exclusive status is long and paved with the dreams of many other talented crews.

If you would like to join the Race of Legends community, click the links below!

The Race of Legends is currently held every other Saturday.

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