Race of Legends Recap: Season 3 Week 3

Race 1 - Banana Bois vs Good Babies Crew (GBC)

After losing a close race the previous week the Banana Bois were hungry for a win. But the Good Babies Crew had been practicing hard and wanted to prove that winning in the Race of Legends and pooping in the closet aren’t mutually exclusive skills sets.

The Banana Bois made some veteran cursed cannonball shots at the start of the race and managed to take an early lead.

At Galleon’s Grave the Banana Bois made a well-aimed shot at the top of the outpost and quickly retrieved their snake. The lone Banana Boi carrying his crew’s snake was ambushed by the GBC within sight of his ship. As the Banana Bois battled to get control of their snake, the GBC handled their business at Galleon’s Grave and headed for the Isle of Last Words with a decisive lead.

The Banana Bois were beginning to close the gap, but but just before they arrived at the Isle of Last words, the world’s angriest megalodon charged without warning and pushed the Banana Bois 90 degrees off course.

Despite another long-distance precision shot from the Banana Bois the GBC was able to recover from the anchorball hit and slow down the Banana Bois just a little on the island by fighting to the death.

This gave the GBC a chance to make a tight transition at Skull Keep and stay ahead of the Banana Bois down the final stretch to Krakens Fall.

The Good Babies crew won and returned for Race 3 to face off for a Race of Legends championship!

Race 2 - Iron Reavers vs Brotatoes

The Iron Fleet took an early lead leaving Kraken’s Fall but unfortunately a skeleton ship attacked them as they approached Galleon’s Grave. The Brotatoes took advantage of the situation and managed to open up their own lead by getting away from Galleon’s Grave without having to fight for control of the outpost.

The Iron Reavers were determined not to give up despite being forced to sail into the wind as they tried to catch up to the Brotatoes. All looked lost until a skeleton ship literally spawned on top of the Brotatoes and unleashed a vicious barrage of cannon fire just as the Brotatoes needed to leave their ship and head to Skull Keep.

The skeleton galleon continued to ram the Brotatoes as the Iron Reavers finally caught up and sent their crew to Skull Keep, then the Ferry of the Damned. It looked like the Iron Reavers had pulled off a miracle come-from-behind win . . . but the sea had other ideas. The Iron Reavers took a few stray cannon shots from the skeleton ship that had been harassing the Brotatoes at Skull Keep. By the time their crew returned from the Ferry of the Damned the Iron Reavers’ ship had sunk within sight of Kraken’s Fall.

In a chaotic race with several lead changes the Broatoes take the win and move on to race against the Good Babies Crew for their first Race of Legends championship!

Race 3 - Brotatoes vs Good Babies Crew

The Good Babies Crew and the Brotatoes each landed perfectly timed cursed cannonballs right from the start, but the GBC had a slight lead as both crews raced for Galleon’s Grave.

Another aggressive skeleton ship attacked the GBC, but they responded with a furious cannonade that forced the skeleton ship to fall behind as the sea rushed into their lower decks.

The race was a virtual tie as both crews began fighting for control of Galleon’s Grave. The GBC retrieved their snake quickly and managed to win several 1v1 battles as they returned it to their ship. But despite the quick transition as the GBC was speeding towards the Isle of Last Words, the Brotatoes were right behind them.

The Good Babies Crew had just enough of a lead to, once again, make an uncontested transition at the Isle of Last Words. But this time the ambush they left behind was deceptive, involved a gunpowder barrel and was ultimately devastating. The Brotatoes eventually gained control of the island, but the GBC was already arriving at Skull Keep by the time they did.

With that decisive lead the Good Babies Crew made another smooth transition at Skull Keep and lit the beacon at Kraken’s Fall for the win!

Congratulations to the Good Babies Crew, Race of Legends champions AND the first crew to win 2 consecutive races in season 3!

Well played!!

Dread Pirate Doug