Race of Legends Recap: Season 3 Week 2

Click here to watch the Race on YouTube

Click here to watch the Race on YouTube

Race 1 - Banana Bois vs Headwinds

Our first race was a true David vs Goliath story. The Headwinds were racing for the first time and the Banana Bois are Grand Champions and one of the most feared crews in the races.

The race began with a flurry of cursed cannonballs. The Banana Bois took an early lead but the Headwinds didn’t slow down for a moment. As the crews approached Galleon’s Grave the Banana Bois lobbed a CLUTCH anchor ball at distance that lengthened their lead even further.

The fighting at Galleon’s Grave was fierce as always, but after all the death and carnage, the race was essentially a tie as both crews left the outpost at the same time.

The competitors arrived at the Isle of Last words within a few seconds of each other. The crews were both bogged down for a moment, each getting kills but unable to take control of the island long enough to drop off their snake and pick up their loot.

The Headwinds finally managed to get free and head for Skull Keep, but the Banana Bois were still trying to move their loot onto their ship as the Headwinds set sail. The Headwinds had finally opened up a lead but they knew they had to make a perfect transition at Skull Keep to stay ahead.

The Banana Bois gave chase, but the Headwinds made the transition from their ship, to the Ferry of the Damned and back almost perfectly. Despite the Banana Bois’ best efforts, the Headwinds maintained their lead and lit the beacon and Kraken’s Fall for the win!

The Headwinds manage to slay the giant and win their first time competing in the Race of Legends. They moved on to Race 2 to face The Cutthroats.

Click here to watch on YouTube

Click here to watch on YouTube

Race 2 - Cutthroats vs Headwinds

The Cutthroats managed a slight lead leaving Kraken’s Fall but the Headwinds were close behind. The Battle at Galleon’s Grave turned out to be nearly decisive. The Cutthroats held the Headwinds back and opened up a wide lead heading towards the Isle of Last words.

The Cutthroats made the transition without interference as the Headwinds pushed to catch up. The Headwinds managed to make a quicker transition than the Cutthroats had and the gap began to close.

As so often happens, the Sea of Thieves was unforgiving and Skull Keep was active as both crews approached. Both crews shot ashore without taking damage, but both ships took lower deck damage while their crews were on the Ferry of the Damned.

As both crews were about to re spawn onto their ship the Cutthroats managed to return to their ship just in time to keep it from sinking. Unfortunately, the Headwinds didn’t manage to do the same. The Headwinds sank within sight of the finish line and the Cutthroats managed to secure a win in their first appearance in the Race of Legends!

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